Leo Sun with Aquarius Moon

If you're born under a Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you're calm and distant, you possess an extremely gentle kind, almost innocent manner of speaking and. You are not frightened by tension, confusion or the ordinary nuances of your life because your vision is expansive, vast and abstract. Many would not be able to believe the strength, ambition, and far-sighted, imaginative visions you hide under your casual exterior.

When you are in the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon combination The Sun as well as the Moon are in conflict suggesting that your life in the beginning likely was not easy. The battle to overcome those obstacles in resulted in an intense sense of self-confidence and self-reliance in you. The experience also made you think at yourself from a different angle.

Contrary to the majority of Leos, with the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you're introspective and the knowledge you've gained by looking inside causes you to help others. Because you're aware of the limitations of your abilities and appreciate your numerous talents Your judgment is not distracted by self-importance or superficial thoughts.

If you're the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, with your strong idealistic and compassionate feelings, you've surely thought you've got a purpose in your life. Whatever the purpose after you've seen it, you go after it with a calm and steady determination.

If you're an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, you're never pompous or arrogant. You treat people as equals and most likely, you reside in an unassuming, humble manner. However, there's something that separates you from the rest of the pack Your approach to life lends you an look of disinterest and people will be attracted to you, believing that you are the one with "the solution."

The majority of Leo Sun Aquarius Moon people tend to become leaders by birth. The power of imagination and inner strength can help you to turn your dreams and goals of yours into reality. You're creative and unique and your answer to a problem may be the most inventive. You look at things from a broad , detached viewpoint, which could be the reason you're often unfocused and naive. It is difficult to keep track of details since you are more adept in the larger overall picture.

When you're born with an Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, although you value reason but you can also have amazing intuition and instincts that often guide your actions. Your preferences, likes and dislikes and even major decisions are typically dependent on your feelings about the person or the situation rather than your thoughts. However, there are instances when total conviction in one's sixth sense could be risky for you and others.

For those who have the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon, when in the management job, you may follow your instincts to a certain extent, but you must be aware of the facts. Develop the ability to adjust to the pressures and convictions of other people. It isn't always easy to be correct, so be open to what your colleagues say from time to time. If you want to be truly innovative or constructive, it's essential that you perform in accordance with the wishes of your colleagues.

It is important that the Leo Sun Aquarius Moon individual is also required to develop patience. If you are experiencing an excessive amount of frustration or you feel that your goals won't be realized and you start to feel depressed, you could turn unsteady, indecisive, or even oppressive. Be more realistic in your forecasts for the future by putting less obligation upon yourself in order to reach an unrealistic deadline. You'll be successful in a much shorter time, and with lesser wear and tear in the event that you're willing to work through it one step at a time.

Being a Leo Moon Aquarius Moon in love, you are emotionally and receptive with your partner. However, you are not adamant enough to cut off a perfect relationship in the event that it begins to turn sour. You don't have to wait around for your partner! Variety is the hallmark of the Leo-Aquarian lifestyle, and so you're likely to have many different experiences.



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