Gemini Sun with Pisces Moon

When you have a Gemini Sun and Pisces Moon, you're blessed with an extremely complex and multi-faceted personality. Gemini is objective and analytical however, Pisces is sympathetic, sensitive, and extremely emotional. You may think you are cool, distant, and sophisticated, yet there are moments where you are overwhelmed by feelings of compassion.

If you are Gemini Sun Pisces Moon is a sign that you are extremely emotional and vulnerable, especially in your youth. Experience and some hard blows have taught you how to hide and often suppress your emotions.

If you're someone who is an Gemini Sun Pisces Moon, you are likely to justify your issues and your appearance that is detached and sophisticated hides your real feelings. You are at risk of losing contact with your feelings completely and having a tough to find satisfaction. Be aware of your own natureand confront your feelings honestly, in openness and with honesty, instead of placing your feelings in an intellectual confusion.

If you're a person with Gemini Sun-Pisces moon because you're so influenced and influenced, you tend to take on the moods, feelings and negative feelings of the people who surround you. Be careful that those around you, particularly those who are more powerful are not able to exert control or influence over your actions. Review your relationships with others. You must ensure that those you share your life with are supportive, healthy and sensitive to your desires.

If you're born under an Gemini sun pisces Moon instead of being influenced by the currents of emotions and thoughts, you must learn to take control of your surroundings and determine your own destiny. Your intuition is the best guide in life and you're the one who knows the best thing for you. Try to remain independent and develop confidence in you sixth sense. Religion can be a wonderful source of comfort and hope in the lives of many Gemini Sun Pisces Moon people.

If you're an Gemini Sun Pisces Moon you are gifted with many talents that can be expressed creatively in the Piscean Moon can give the communicative Gemini the desire to make. Additionally, you have excellent marketing and business abilities as your instincts will tell that people are looking for exactly what they need. They are highly regarded for the ability of reasoning and their importance to education many Gemini Sun Pisces Moon people excel as academics and teachers. Whatever you do you're known for your commitment and dedication and you adhere to high standards of conduct.

If you're Gemini Sun-Pisces moon the other sexe is attracted by your charming personality and subtle, sharp humor. You're very romantic in temperament, but you should make use of all your power of discernment and intuition when picking your partner. Very sensitive and easily hurt in romantic relationships, it is important to look for a partner who is as sensitive and kind as you are. Someone who will give more than he or will take.


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