Capricorn Sun with Aries Moon

A characteristic of the Capricorn Sun Aries Moon individual The speed at which they walk is so high that it is difficult to keep up with them. An energy-guzzler You're always moving and you manage your time swiftly and effectively. This creates an aura of indignation and aloofness. A bit smug and a little naive You are able to take all humanity in the same direction while attending to the task at hand.

If you're an Capricorn Moon Aries Moon even though you are warmhearted by nature, it is common to become so caught up in your own actions that you are out of touch with the world around you. Self-centeredness can be seen in this situation, but (despite the opinions of others) you're in no way self-centered. You just believe that God assists those who assist themselves. He is not tolerant of idle people.

The tenacious Capricorn Sun Aries Moon person is a mighty force of concentration and perseverance. Affirmative and hard-working and never giving in when you are defeated. You may appear to be calm and unassuming however, in the heart you're passionate, aggressive and courageous. There's not much that is conventional about you. As a innovator, you're always in the front of people who are working towards advancement and transformation.

When you're born in a Capricorn Sun and Aries Moon your life could be something like a soap-opera. Relationships with loved ones typically bring tension and conflict. The Aries inner character isn't designed for harmonious, smooth relationships, which is why you might put all your energy into your career and achieving your goals that you have made for yourself.

If you're a Capricorn Sun Aries Moon and a frenzied soul, it's nearly impossible to remain still. While you'd love you to receive love and appreciation as the person you believe you are but it's hard to make the time to spend with your loved ones or to explore the romantic, spiritual, or intellectual aspects of life. Instead, you're satisfied with the satisfaction and admiration that you receive from your work.

For those who have Capricorn Sun and Moon ambition is healthy and you've got everything you need to succeed but in placing such a huge importance on achievement, you could miss out on many other opportunities life can offer. Consider slowing down your pace at times. Find new interests and pursuits.

Although you are usually as cautious as your fellow Capricorns, there are times when you can be pretty impulsive--especially when your fiery Aries spirit takes over. If you notice that things aren't progressing at the speed and efficiency you would like, you get angry. If you're upset, everyone else will certainly be aware of it! Make sure to think things through before you make a decision in rushes of blindness. Learn to be accommodating to those who cannot keep up with your speed. You're on a speedy track, and if you don't slow down every now and then to allow others to catch up and you'll end up being an extremely lonely success story.

With an Capricorn sun Aries Moon in relationship, and love with your partner, you are full of fire and enthusiasm. Experimenting and passionate, you are looking for a lively sex lifestyle. However, you're not romantic even if you're committed to a specific person, you might wander. Women and men in this kind tend to be dominant and dominant in relationship and typically select a noncompetitive, passive partner.


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