Cancer Sun with Scorpio Moon

 Someone with a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon is not the shy introverted or insecure Cancer that is often talked about. It is possible to appear unassuming or even humble, but it's not hard to identify your inner ability and determination.

With a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, beneath that awesome image of yours is an strong, powerful and determined person. Personal magnetism and self-confidence work together to guarantee your achievement in your daily life. Luck may also have some part to play since for the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individual things seem to go more easily. On the tennis court as well in the Boardroom you are always able to be winning, gaining respect and building influence.

If you're a person with a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, your Cancerian protective shell gives you an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue about your personality. You enclose your thoughts and emotions, and you aren't willing to reveal anything that could reveal your true self. You are, in fact, an emotional person. Your reactions and actions depend on what you think you are feeling about the person you are working with or the circumstance you're handling.

It doesn't matter how rational, to those who are a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individual and their gut reaction is the sole factor in making choices. Amazingly, you are always in the right place. Smart and perceptive You can tell who's trustworthy and when it is time to take a risk.

If you're the sign of a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, you take yourself so seriously that you could be risky to make fun of yourself. You , however, are very adept at spotting weaknesses of others and are not shy in pointing them out, either blatantly or sarcastically and, sometimes, brutally. Take a few steps to be more tactful with your ability to laugh.

Of all Cancer combinations that are available, among them, the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon combination is the one most vulnerable to morbidity and depression. Learn to face your fears and deal with your feelings. Don't be shy about the feelings of anger or hurt. It is more effective to confront your issues upfront rather instead of settling for silent introspection or to hold an anger.

When you're a Cancer Moon Scorpio Moon, the world around you is viewed as a constant struggle. Insidious and vigilant, you're the unstoppable general who is constantly planning your next move. You're a master of memory, and you're never in error. If someone does cross you and you're not angry, you'll just sit for a few minutes, and then decide on your revenge. The Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individual is not immune to the wrath of others, pettiness, or anger.

If you're the Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, like many very competitive and aggressive people who are highly competitive and aggressive, you desire to experience every aspect of life. Self-indulgent and sensual, you enjoy your life as hard and with fervor as you do your professional pursuits.

If you're an Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, there is a compassionate side to your personality. You feel a strong sense of protection toward those who are less than you In the past, at some time in your life you've likely felt a strong desire to be a religious person. Everyone Moon in Scorpio Natives can reach the heights of intellectual and spiritual growth However, more often, they prefer to explore the depths because it's more enjoyable.

A sharp-witted realist, you thrive when competition is fierce and the objectives are clearly defined. Marketing, business, advertising and other highly competitive areas are well-suited to your tenacious, pragmatic and materialistic character. Most of the time, you'll end up winning your way and outwitting your competitors.

If you're born with the sign of a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon, you're extremely sensual and a healthy and balanced sex lifestyle is essential for your overall health. While you may not be romantically inclined but you're extremely generous, loving and loving companion. Be careful not to be overly protective and jealous of the person you admire.


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