Cancer Sun with Capricorn Moon

When you look at the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon combination the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs. It is said that the Cancer personality is reserved emotional and compassionate The Capricorn inner character is confident, detached and unpredictably calculating. Like all polar pairings you will have many internal conflicts to solve along with a myriad of strengths to build.

If you're experiencing the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, it's likely that your childhood environment was perhaps tense and restricting, but your inner strength and determination allowed you to conquer the early hurdles and in the process made you more intelligent and observant than the other Cancers.

If you're a Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, you can learn quickly and handle seriously everything. Your experience has provided you with sharp understanding of your peers and women, but because your dual nature gives unique perceptions as well as difficult inner battles and fears.

Being a Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, unlike the majority of Cancers, aren't stricken by the uncertain future. You are ambitious and want to be recognized and recognition, you have set goals that seem impossible for yourself. However, your easy Cancer personality struggles to take on the demands of an arduous Capricorn internal nature.

So, you always feel you have to prove yourself, not just to the world but also to yourself. Unsatisfaction with your self over and over again could lead to anger and depression. It can also lead to withdrawal. Also, in extreme cases, you may seek refuge in drinking or using substances.

If you're someone who has the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, take the time to be grateful for yourself! Recognize the many strengths you have and accept the limitations. Accept rather than deny your sensitivities and see it as an advantage rather than being a weakness. Acceptance of yourself and love for self are the two aspects people who have the signs of Cancer Sun and Capricorn Moon should really improve on.

When you're under the Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, when you've learned to live in alignment with own inner self There is nothing you won't be able to do. Cancer's sense of perception and intuition with Capricorn's pragmatism, organisation and ambition will give you a great business acumen. Always looking for more than superficial results You've got an unconventional way of life.

Whatever you decide to do, must look toward change and the pursuit of innovation. The novelist Ernest Hemingway and the astronomer Galileo were both born who were born with an Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, and their work is a testament to the speciality of the Cancer-Capricorn complex.

If you're a Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, you are likely to seek out solitude. Although a little seclusion can help, too much solitude can cause a feeling of isolation from others and even feelings of feeling inferior. Be social. Your ability to laugh is amazing (though it's usually tuned towards the dry, dark and melancholy aspects of the world) and is likely to increase your popularity. Other people will be intrigued by your quirky way of life.

You are experiencing an Cancer Sun Capricorn Moon, In your romance, that two-faced nature that you possess could create a lot of problems. You aren't feeling the need for the security of a long-lasting relationship, yet something in you seeks warm and secure. In the end, it is essential for you to have a person to share with, since you have a deep desire for companionship, regardless of whether you are aware of that or not. The person you love may have difficulty comprehending some of the sudden changes in your mood that are a bit sour and loving the one minute, unfriendly and distant the next. Find a partner who will be tolerant of and appreciate your unique personality.


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